Running 4


Ran today. I’ve been seeing slight improvements in my running. I didn’t think I’d be able to run with any degree of consistency. I guess the breeze outside is awfully appealing. My left leg has been sore since Sunday since I’ve been running more frequently. I ran again today since the soreness kicked in and it feels better, though I had to stretch a bit since it felt weird.

Running 3


I ran again today.  It felt wrong to stay inside all day.  

When I went outside and started walking, the cool breeze felt great!

I then proceeded to run in four or five short spurts until I got tired, which was subsequently followed by walking. 

Whilst running, I noticed that the good part doesn’t hit until I get through the sucky part, which, to be honest, is quite sucky.   To top it off, if I run for a long time (from past experience, more than five minutes), without stretching, then you get the nice present of sore legs to incentivize you to run that hard again!  Just complaining though.  ‘Tis still something I have to do, so there will be many runs ahead.  I guess I will have to be besties with the pain and soreness.

Running 2


So, on Friday evening, I ran for a block.  It was a longer block.  Around three quarters or half way to the end, I started getting tired.  It was more challenging than I thought it would be.  This is either kind of disappointing or good in that I’ve pushed myself to being tired whilst running.  I eventually made it to the end of the block after forcing myself.  Still, it was quite fatiguing.  Not vomiting fatiguing or whiting out fatiguing but enough for me to the feel the after effects of the run for the next little while.  


Running 1


I ran for two blocks today!  Yes, that is kind of sad to proclaim to the world.  BUT!  It’s better than not running two blocks!

I also did a lot of walking.  I guess this will be the start of my running/walking perhaps with some more consistency.  That’s three times I’ve run in the last month or so!  That’s improvement!

Exercise 22


Yesterday, I did 30 pushups and that was it.  Nothing else.

Today, I ran for a bit.  I finally went for my second run in 1.5 months.  Instead of running for an extended period of time, I ran in multiple spurts and then walked.  

This was followed by 30.5 pushups and 60 situps.  As well as some situps on each side.  I followed up with 15 and then 5 more pushups.  I also found out that running with weights on your wrists and/or ankles isn’t particularly good for you, at least that’s what I found from my perusing on the internet.

Exercise 21


28 pushups, then 15 more?  followed by 10 more?  I don’t really remember anymore.

I did some situps too. I think 40 on my back and 20 to 30 on each side. 

I will do the running some day.  No promises on when.  Hopefully tomorrow but I’ve been saying that forever.  Yes, I’m one of those people. Sigh…